www.craigrogers.photography: Sunset Thru Ponte Nova Do AradePrints Available : https://www.craigrogers.photography/product/sunset-thru-ponte-nova-do-arade/
www.craigrogers.photography: The Chase (2 of 2)
www.craigrogers.photography: The Chase (1 of 2)
www.craigrogers.photography: European Bee-eater
www.craigrogers.photography: A New Day On Praia Dos Arrifes
www.craigrogers.photography: Snails At Sunset
www.craigrogers.photography: Into The Sunset Colours
www.craigrogers.photography: Cloud Covered Sunset On The Rocks
www.craigrogers.photography: The No Sun Sunrise
www.craigrogers.photography: Turmoil Inside An Imperfect Heart
www.craigrogers.photography: First Rays On The Rocks
www.craigrogers.photography: Flamingo Through The Fog
www.craigrogers.photography: Short Eared Owl At Sunrise
www.craigrogers.photography: In The Spotlight....
www.craigrogers.photography: Backlit European Bee-Eater
www.craigrogers.photography: Adult European Bee-Eater Feeding A Juvenile
www.craigrogers.photography: European Bee-Eater Hunting at Sunset
www.craigrogers.photography: European Bee-Eaters Resting At Sunset
www.craigrogers.photography: Male Common Kingfisher
www.craigrogers.photography: Weasel (Mustela nivalis)
www.craigrogers.photography: Water Rail Feeding A Youngster
www.craigrogers.photography: Female Conehead Mantis (Empusa pennata)
www.craigrogers.photography: (Young) Hedgehog Foraging In The Night