copperknob2011: Telescope, Bognor
copperknob2011: Eyes Right, Bognor
copperknob2011: Another front garden in Hythe
copperknob2011: Martello Tower and Firing Range, Hythe
copperknob2011: No 46, Hythe
copperknob2011: In a Front Garden in Hythe, Kent
copperknob2011: Leila at Folkestone railway station
copperknob2011: Fishmonger in Hythe, Kent
copperknob2011: Leas Cliff Folkestone
copperknob2011: Simon at Dungeness
copperknob2011: Little Cottage, Big Bin, Folkestone
copperknob2011: A day in July 2020 outside Hawkins undertakers
copperknob2011: Lucy Quinnell
copperknob2011: At the Vineries, Bookham
copperknob2011: Artist in Lockdown
copperknob2011: "Hats Off to Everyone who Cares"
copperknob2011: First day out on the streets with my Olympus Trip after the lockdown
copperknob2011: First day back on the streets after lockdown
copperknob2011: Social Distancing
copperknob2011: PPEs Growing on Trees
copperknob2011: Fish and Chip a the Greenhouse
copperknob2011: Margate3
copperknob2011: Coronavirus in UK
copperknob2011: Viennese Swirl
copperknob2011: Vienna, 2019
copperknob2011: 31 January 2020, One of the Most Divisive Days in History
copperknob2011: One Man & his Dog & Phone, a Photographer, a Clothed Statue & Half a Dog
copperknob2011: Paris Crossing
copperknob2011: Doing a Stretch
copperknob2011: Beside the Seine