Insomnious247: The Plane of Tranquility
Insomnious247: 2019-01-05_10-40-42
Insomnious247: 20180828_230506
Insomnious247: A vessel of constraints and definition shall cease, its impermanence
Insomnious247: My ribs and wings (keep looking)
Insomnious247: 20181031_153702
Insomnious247: Working out here has it's benefits at least once in a while
Insomnious247: Fritters like the old days
Insomnious247: 2018-09-30_08-28-46
Insomnious247: 5-1 ROYALS
Insomnious247: And now my son Liam would like to share his thoughts
Insomnious247: If heaven falls, I'm coming too
Insomnious247: Goodbye Dad, Goodbye Grandpa
Insomnious247: 20180817_102901
Insomnious247: Queen Nefertiti
Insomnious247: Mummified Cat
Insomnious247: Croquet at The Empress
Insomnious247: Lineage
Insomnious247: Partial Figure of Thutmose III
Insomnious247: Stella with Osiris, Isis and Horus
Insomnious247: Take just what I came for then I'm out the door again
Insomnious247: Osiris Seated at the Throne
Insomnious247: King Khafra Replica
Insomnious247: Chili chicken and thai green curry rice noodles
Insomnious247: Self Reflection
Insomnious247: One of the last things he said was, the moon made me hahaha ya the moon made me
Insomnious247: Liam Two Tone
Insomnious247: I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should,