cliveg004: Sunset reflected.
cliveg004: Look at that!
cliveg004: Loneliness of the long distance runner
cliveg004: Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn
cliveg004: Sgwd Rhyd Yr Hesg
cliveg004: Water under the bridge - farewell to 2019
cliveg004: Merry Christmas viewers!
cliveg004: In the flood
cliveg004: First light in the gorge.
cliveg004: Early evening on The Embankment
cliveg004: Going..... ....and now gone.
cliveg004: Pont Pen-Y-Benglog
cliveg004: Watling Street
cliveg004: Autumn
cliveg004: Kings Head
cliveg004: Here we go again....
cliveg004: Lloyds
cliveg004: Firey
cliveg004: A tree in a wall
cliveg004: Wailing Widow
cliveg004: Cranes don't float....
cliveg004: Le Chassezac
cliveg004: Gorge de l'Ardeche
cliveg004: First light over the Olive grove
cliveg004: Is it edible?
cliveg004: Sunrise at Pont d'Arc
cliveg004: The sausage man
cliveg004: Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
cliveg004: Raw wine!
cliveg004: Aran Fawddwy