clifflef: summer's end
clifflef: there she goes
clifflef: taking a walk
clifflef: in the passageway
clifflef: a good evening
clifflef: E 5th St
clifflef: blackout
clifflef: down the tracks
clifflef: leaving the show
clifflef: beach walking
clifflef: days pass
clifflef: working the food truck
clifflef: walking the mall 2
clifflef: walking the mall
clifflef: heat wave
clifflef: my love
clifflef: The Clock
clifflef: top of the stairs
clifflef: out of focus
clifflef: I like the night
clifflef: that was just a dream
clifflef: from the window
clifflef: doing it
clifflef: mountain summer
clifflef: just a shot before I go
clifflef: Take it with me 2