cjs6969: #borntoride
cjs6969: It's a hard life but someone's got to do it...
cjs6969: Flash
cjs6969: Doorway to another world.
cjs6969: I see you.
cjs6969: Quiz for today. Answers on a postcard please...
cjs6969: Lordington Lavender, West Sussex.
cjs6969: "In England's green and pleasant land..." #lordingtonlavender #westsussex
cjs6969: Human backpack?
cjs6969: They still make books? #sotwentiethcentury
cjs6969: The reading
cjs6969: She wore flowers in her hair
cjs6969: Photobombed
cjs6969: Ooh! Ooh! I see geese!
cjs6969: Making it legal
cjs6969: The paperwork bit...
cjs6969: Lucy
cjs6969: "I do"
cjs6969: Fine detail
cjs6969: ''Err, shouldn't he be hugging the bride...''
cjs6969: Do you mind, we're trying to get married here...
cjs6969: Bouquets & bridesmaids
cjs6969: The wedding photographer
cjs6969: Nah. Not doing it for me today hooman.
cjs6969: Making hay while the sun (still) shines.
cjs6969: The weekend's all been a bit much for Flash.
cjs6969: Ooof. I can do this!
cjs6969: I see birds!
cjs6969: When you know you need to go to bed, but can't... #mainecoonmoment
cjs6969: Field of fire.