cjs6969: If you know your airline branding you'll realise this used to fly for B Hay. Boom-boom!
cjs6969: I'm bored. Do something.
cjs6969: Arundel castle and cathedral.
cjs6969: His Imperial Majesty Big Sherman will accept your homage now Hooman #delusionsofgrandeur #mainecoon
cjs6969: I didn't want to use that armchair anyway... #maincoon
cjs6969: That special kind of love.
cjs6969: Big Sherm on his throne #delusionsofgrandeur
cjs6969: Five carrots for the price of one (seed) #homegrown #bargain
cjs6969: St Mary's, Charlton Kings (a variation on a theme: different day, different time, different light).
cjs6969: St. Mary's, Charlton Kings.
cjs6969: Boggs doing 'startled'.
cjs6969: Happy days #bangkok
cjs6969: The rose window, St. Mary's church, Charlton Kings.
cjs6969: Mum and Dad (photo credit to my brother Philip or his partner Roque!).
cjs6969: 2019-09-12_11-16-37
cjs6969: Christ Church, Cheltenham.
cjs6969: The rose window, St Mary's, Charlton Kings.
cjs6969: St. Mary's, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire.
cjs6969: Boggy
cjs6969: Say hello to Murphy #caverpoo
cjs6969: Christ Church, Cheltenham.
cjs6969: PSX_20190909_230422
cjs6969: "A little fall of rain, Can hardly hurt me now, You're here, that's all I need to know. And you will keep me safe, And you will keep me close, And rain will make the flowers grow..." #lesmiserables #lovethemwhileyoucan
cjs6969: St. Mary's, Charleton Kings #peace #reflection #gloucestershire
cjs6969: You don't have to practice to feel the serenity #charltonkings #gloucestershire
cjs6969: Big Sherman soooooo loves getting kittened.
cjs6969: Ginger sandwich.
cjs6969: My dad. Love your parents while you can #devilschimney #leckhamptonhill
cjs6969: My dad. A dapper rambler.
cjs6969: Christ Church, Cheltenham