cjs6969: Brighton looks like it was the most fun (upper right) #welltravelled
cjs6969: Oh, and another thing...
cjs6969: Young bucks
cjs6969: Adrenaline rush
cjs6969: Knepp Castle, West Sussex
cjs6969: Shipley windmil, West Sussex
cjs6969: Who doesn't like a bit of roast chicken?
cjs6969: PSX_20200715_182344
cjs6969: A zen moment for sharing...
cjs6969: Whoa! What happened there? #lockdown #day114
cjs6969: Nature's bounty.
cjs6969: Ginger lily
cjs6969: #rearview
cjs6969: Round courgettes #whoknew?
cjs6969: The boys decided to share the chair #thinkweneedabench
cjs6969: Dahlia
cjs6969: Four hours fast? Echo's pretty sure it's only oh-paw-thirty...
cjs6969: Don't worry Sherman, we'll just work round you.
cjs6969: Sometimes you just have to put life on hold for a bit...
cjs6969: Waking up
cjs6969: Tiger in the long grass...
cjs6969: Artichoke
cjs6969: Hornet
cjs6969: Parsley
cjs6969: #day90 when your realize just how badly you need that haircut #weedshavetakenroot
cjs6969: We made a cake! My help was of course essential #mummyslittlehelper #tryingsomethingnew #lockdown
cjs6969: The Sussex Synchronised Nether-Region Washer team in action again #notgonnalickmyhandtoday
cjs6969: Social distancing
cjs6969: Big Sherman
cjs6969: Dewdrops