The Library of Congress: Higurashi no sato jiin no rinsen (LOC)
Sergio D. L.: Roxanne
The Library of Congress: Stockton, Calif. Apr. 1942. A Caterpillar tractor used intensively on this 1300 acre farm which was worked and managed by persons of Japanese ancestry before evacuation. Evacuees from military areas are housed in War Relocation Authority centers for the d
The Library of Congress: [Cat on shoe shine stand on sidewalk] (LOC)
paulv21: Bobcat. PICT0210
Dagny Gromer: javelinas_drinking-20210629-101
Brown Acres Mark: Racoon (Procyon lotor)
Ingo-Valgma: July on trail camera
Dagny Gromer: skunk_at_bird_bath-20210802-100
Dagny Gromer: skunk_pair-20210904-105
Dagny Gromer: javalina_herd-20210919-116
Zhangxiaophoto: They No.79
parrker_x: 9.05 am
KHR Images: Barn Owls (wild)
Pattys-photos: great gray owl
The Library of Congress: Celebrating World Photography Day! (LOC)
Halliwell_Michael ## keep smiling ##: Patchwork of fields ......
The Library of Congress: Horse-drawn ice wagon and several persons, two with blocks of ice, standing in street in front of residence (LOC)
nousku: IMG_1628
Ingo-Valgma: Rajakaamera / Trail camera
Pattys-photos: warm river cabin
maryrumple: Black-chinned Hummingbird
Pattys-photos: western kingbird chasing a Swainson's hawk
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