Cher12861: The Lakefront in Fall
Cher12861: October’s Flower
Cher12861: Autumn Coat of Many Colors
Cher12861: Bathed in Gold
Cher12861: Autumn Around the Lake
Cher12861: Through the Arches
Cher12861: Pansies & Pumpkins
Cher12861: Autumn Arch
Cher12861: A Perfect Fall Day
Cher12861: Reflections on Gold Pond
Cher12861: The Mansion in Fall
Cher12861: Red Barn
Cher12861: Pumpkins & Mums
Cher12861: Weathered
Cher12861: Nature's Canopy
Cher12861: Rustic
Cher12861: Autumn Hues
Cher12861: Ablaze
Cher12861: Pumpkins & Leaves
Cher12861: Autumn Highlights
Cher12861: Autumn View of the Lake
Cher12861: Harmonious
Cher12861: Japanese Pond in Autumn
Cher12861: Brighten Your Day
Cher12861: Sun Sparkles on Blue Water
Cher12861: Fall Glow
Cher12861: Autumn Dreams
Cher12861: Speckled
Cher12861: Seasonal Mélange
Cher12861: Pumpkin Nest