CharlesFred: First Folio has his first run of the season today, at Kempton Park at 19.30 BST
CharlesFred: On Romanian roads
CharlesFred: Urfa potato seller
CharlesFred: Man met paard, Urfa
CharlesFred: The most beautiful horse in Urfa
CharlesFred: Gumruk Han in Urfa
CharlesFred: Ferhat and friend
CharlesFred: Ufra bazar
CharlesFred: Urfa pigoens
CharlesFred: Urfa beads
CharlesFred: Re-building Urfa
CharlesFred: Urfa arab women
CharlesFred: Young tailor in Urfa
CharlesFred: Horse and cart in Urfa
CharlesFred: A beautiful smile from our Mariamne
CharlesFred: Warren Hill in February
CharlesFred: Young cowboy
CharlesFred: The other Amazon
CharlesFred: Horse and cart in Urfa
CharlesFred: Balikligol
CharlesFred: Balikligol statue
CharlesFred: Medresse Mardin
CharlesFred: Shepherds near Karahantepe
CharlesFred: Mardin donkey
CharlesFred: At work in Sanliurfa
CharlesFred: Golden Sardis
CharlesFred: Together again after 43 years
CharlesFred: Karahantepe, sister of Goblekitepe
CharlesFred: Market in Nusaybin
CharlesFred: Urfa beauty