rootcrop54: Fresh from Cortona
rootcrop54: From Piazza Garibaldi
rootcrop54: Our host
rootcrop54: host_detail
rootcrop54: Kinzey and Sally in the sculpture yard
rootcrop54: From our window
rootcrop54: Home away from home
rootcrop54: Matrimonial Bed
rootcrop54: tinytub
rootcrop54: Cactus Envy
rootcrop54: Railing bordering Piazza Garibaldi
rootcrop54: Catspotting
rootcrop54: Early Morning Encounter
rootcrop54: "wait..... "
rootcrop54: whoa! what was that?
rootcrop54: Via Nazionale
rootcrop54: Nightlife Via Nazionale
rootcrop54: Nightlife on Via Nazionale
rootcrop54: Red Geranium
rootcrop54: Italian beauties
rootcrop54: Red Tile Roofs
rootcrop54: Light at the End
rootcrop54: familiar
rootcrop54: Cortona wedding
rootcrop54: Horse-Drawn Carriage