rootcrop54: this is home
rootcrop54: happy Otis
rootcrop54: my good friend Jimmy
rootcrop54: I must be seeing things.
rootcrop54: cool as a cucumber
rootcrop54: minefield
rootcrop54: next frontier
rootcrop54: Puddy's checking out the upstairs
rootcrop54: rounding the corner
rootcrop54: I'm so proud
rootcrop54: Idaho in the shopping bag
rootcrop54: patterns, anyone?
rootcrop54: Otis at the self-serve catnip station
rootcrop54: Jimmy doing maintenance
rootcrop54: Cricket was wallowing all over Tina, but she seemed to enjoy it.
rootcrop54: "Are you calling this a toy?" --Jimmy (1 of 5)
rootcrop54: "it doesn't do anything." --Jimmy (2 of 5)
rootcrop54: "It's pointy." --Jimmy (3 of 5)
rootcrop54: "You can't chew it." -- Jimmy (4 of 5)
rootcrop54: "It tastes terrible." -- Jimmy (5 of 5)
rootcrop54: from 10 days ago, Batman watching it snow
rootcrop54: Camille
rootcrop54: Scaredy Cat
rootcrop54: You can tell a secret to a pine cone, and it will never tell a soul.
rootcrop54: weight shift
rootcrop54: That's not exactly what I had in mind, guys.
rootcrop54: Cocoon
rootcrop54: Jimmy
rootcrop54: Otis steppin' out
rootcrop54: the inside/outside dance (set of 3)