CatJoySees: Detail from work in progress
CatJoySees: A Bright March
CatJoySees: Cacophony of Errors
CatJoySees: Angel of Death in the Garden
CatJoySees: Garden of Glean
CatJoySees: Tiny painting
CatJoySees: Tiny Painting - Devil in the Details
CatJoySees: One of my best selling designs on RedBubble
CatJoySees: Sculpture- Notre Dame
CatJoySees: Gargoyle- Notre Dame
CatJoySees: Notre Dame
CatJoySees: Notredame
CatJoySees: Detail form new painting in progress
CatJoySees: Look Out Turtle Hat
CatJoySees: Inner Workings
CatJoySees: Monkey Business
CatJoySees: Vining Thought
CatJoySees: Apple Tree 2018
CatJoySees: new painting
CatJoySees: New art print scarf "Tiki Pioneers"
CatJoySees: New painting
CatJoySees: Winter Trees
CatJoySees: Waken
CatJoySees: new painting
CatJoySees: new painting
CatJoySees: The Alchemist
CatJoySees: 11 paintings at Little Things Sjow
CatJoySees: Blueberries
CatJoySees: Totem Dreams
CatJoySees: Surround and Secure