"Carlitos": Panorama from the Mt. Wasserklotz
"Carlitos": Summit of Mt. Wasserklotz after sunset
"Carlitos": Sunset at Mt. Wasserklotz
"Carlitos": Allone at the top, thats what i like...
"Carlitos": Summit Cross at Mt. Wasserklotz
"Carlitos": The sun is our center
"Carlitos": Out and about with snowshoes
"Carlitos": Not yet black and white
"Carlitos": Gmunden and the Traun region
"Carlitos": Snowshoe hike in the Höllengebirge mountains
"Carlitos": ...from here on, follow the left track...
"Carlitos": Normaly the hills should be completely white
"Carlitos": Nice view at lake Almsee and the hill Ameisstein
"Carlitos": For many years they did a good job
"Carlitos": Part of my collection
"Carlitos": long time before bits and bytes
"Carlitos": Autumn at the shore of river Tauglbach
"Carlitos": Farmland close to my house
"Carlitos": First snow at home
"Carlitos": Colorful backlight detail in the winter forest
"Carlitos": Autumnal double landing
"Carlitos": Tauglbach close to its end
"Carlitos": One of the many branches of river Tauglbach
"Carlitos": Little cascades at river Taugl
"Carlitos": Mirroring river Taugl
"Carlitos": Walking along the river
"Carlitos": Cascade in the Taugl canyon
"Carlitos": I love this light and colors
"Carlitos": Sometimes I just play ...
"Carlitos": Tree and clouds in autumn