CanonDLee: Foggy Fall
CanonDLee: Flowing Water
CanonDLee: Potato Falls
CanonDLee: Tuviligssuaq, Greenland
CanonDLee: El Capitan
CanonDLee: Mountins through the Clouds.
CanonDLee: Clover Creek in Spring Snow
CanonDLee: Castle Rocks North
CanonDLee: Roaring River, Kings Canyon National Park California
CanonDLee: Vernal Fall
CanonDLee: Bridalveil Fall Yosemite California
CanonDLee: Foggy Winter
CanonDLee: Belle Creek in Winter
CanonDLee: Winter Farm
CanonDLee: Belle Creek in Falling Snow
CanonDLee: Wall of Ice and Snow
CanonDLee: Elephant Mountain in Winter
CanonDLee: Hyalite in Winter
CanonDLee: Stationary Movement
CanonDLee: Blood Moon
CanonDLee: Modern Night Tree
CanonDLee: Sunset S Cloud Behind Tree
CanonDLee: Welch in Winter
CanonDLee: Minnesota State Capital Building in Fresh Snow
CanonDLee: Crush
CanonDLee: Cascade Falls in Osceola WI
CanonDLee: Cannon Valley Fair 2018 Fireworks Display
CanonDLee: Night Approaching
CanonDLee: Hiding