Stella's eye: Recognition
Toby Garden: Longest lasting Flower !P1270007
Stella's eye: The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark ~John Muir
Toby Garden: 1st snow fall of 2019 - P1540651
Toby Garden: The beautiful epiphyllum - P1260852
Toby Garden: Festive ! Fall Celebrations! P1540629
Toby Garden: Surprise!! P1260880
Toby Garden: Flower in December ?? Orchid Cactus - P1390346
Stella's eye: Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes...
mikeaasen: Willow Survives
MelindaChan ^..^: Abalone seafood pot
cbmn: evening creek
MelindaChan ^..^: Golden Pagoda
mikeaasen: See It To The Finish
Toby Garden: Fall Scene around Loantaka Brook Reservation, Morristown NJ
Toby Garden: Fall Wonders! Unwanted & unloved!! porcelain grape berry vine
mikeaasen: Only The Knife Knows
MelindaChan ^..^: U Bein Bridge
MelindaChan ^..^: U Bein Bridge
Rui Palha: Lisbon morning
cbmn: sucker lake wetlands
MelindaChan ^..^: Smoking lady
Stella's eye: An animated egret I of III
Stella's eye: Animated egret II of III
star_1+6: 大人味
Stella's eye: I wish that I could give you something more.....