CameliaTWU: Under Clatrava' s L'Umbracle arches
CameliaTWU: Under Clatrava' s arches
CameliaTWU: Grayish day in Venice
CameliaTWU: The heart of a flower
CameliaTWU: Museu de les Ciències Príncep Felip
CameliaTWU: The splendors of the Doge's Palace
CameliaTWU: Looking over the city of Cluj-Napoca
CameliaTWU: Left over clouds from Hurricane Pamela
CameliaTWU: A pasture with a view
CameliaTWU: In the spotlight
CameliaTWU: Blue eyes
CameliaTWU: Country road
CameliaTWU: The monastery on the hill
CameliaTWU: The hay is drying
CameliaTWU: Icelandic scenery in March
CameliaTWU: Monarch feeding on Frostweed flowers
CameliaTWU: The blue water of the Mediterranean Sea
CameliaTWU: Norwegian scenery
CameliaTWU: Ginger cat
CameliaTWU: The Sun Wheel
CameliaTWU: Sunny day on River Aare
CameliaTWU: Fall Asters are in bloom
CameliaTWU: Mayan ruins at Altun Ha, Belize
CameliaTWU: A delicate shell
CameliaTWU: Homework on the research boat
CameliaTWU: Still flying, poor old butterfly
CameliaTWU: Monarch
CameliaTWU: Snow-on-the-prairie, Euphorbia bicolor
CameliaTWU: Sunset clouds
CameliaTWU: Modern architecture