strachcall: Abstract
strachcall: Iced Tree
strachcall: Frosty
strachcall: Frosty
strachcall: Jungle clearing
strachcall: Grow tall
strachcall: Grow your Own Way
strachcall: Old Wood
strachcall: Woods 2.0
strachcall: Senses
strachcall: What lies ahead?
strachcall: Abstract: Darkness/Light
strachcall: Woods Abstract
strachcall: The Kye
strachcall: Winter light
strachcall: Ghost Trees
strachcall: The Big Hoose
strachcall: Frozen II
strachcall: A different sort of cityscape
strachcall: Chewin' the Cud
strachcall: Frozen
strachcall: Conic Hill from Beinn Dubh
strachcall: Lost in the mists of time
strachcall: Keeping it simple
strachcall: Splashes of Colour
strachcall: Air Stripes
strachcall: Last of the fog
strachcall: A landmark or two
strachcall: View from the hill