Calakmul: Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in northeast Saskatchewan
Calakmul: different camera, different film
Calakmul: in a field of flowers
Calakmul: just hangin'
Calakmul: alone
Calakmul: a couple of old recluses
Calakmul: Primal Scream
Calakmul: Manly Corner
Calakmul: Broken
Calakmul: Serenity on the Dempster
Calakmul: like out of the past
Calakmul: Holy Space
Calakmul: The Skull Tree of Riley
Calakmul: used to be a school
Calakmul: forlorn
Calakmul: under an infrared sun
Calakmul: Saint Nicholas in IR
Calakmul: prairie light streaming in
Calakmul: Shells
Calakmul: Swamped
Calakmul: Summer Hill School
Calakmul: Jack
Calakmul: kinda squashed
Calakmul: The old Parish Hall
Calakmul: Dormition of St. Mary
Calakmul: from summers past
Calakmul: clinging
Calakmul: Harvest
Calakmul: St Nicholas