victoriaj8: Goodbye for now…
victoriaj8: Manchester Street Photography
victoriaj8: Broken.
victoriaj8: ‘Though lovers be lost, love shall not.’ Dylan Thomas
victoriaj8: I went looking for you…
victoriaj8: Waiting for a breeze
victoriaj8: Halifax
victoriaj8: Old Letters
victoriaj8: Vera Lynn Music Hall
victoriaj8: Basket of apples
victoriaj8: Buttons
victoriaj8: The colours of autumn.
victoriaj8: Mannequin.
victoriaj8: Guttering
victoriaj8: Rafters.
victoriaj8: Miner and his lamp.
victoriaj8: Borehole
victoriaj8: Munchkin Pumpkins
victoriaj8: Caphouse Colliery.
victoriaj8: Strangers on a beach.
victoriaj8: Coffee.
victoriaj8: Bradford. England
victoriaj8: Beautiful Creature
victoriaj8: I can’t focus.
victoriaj8: ‘If my heart could speak, it would say to you, I will not let you go, I will hold you in my arms forever…’
victoriaj8: Sean Scully: Crate of Air