Canon50D1: Poppy & Wheat
Canon50D1: Winding Road
Canon50D1: Very Yellow
Canon50D1: Yellow Against Angry Sky
Canon50D1: Yellow Field
Canon50D1: Old RR Bridge
Canon50D1: Rapps
Canon50D1: Ottering
Canon50D1: Car Finder
Canon50D1: Stork's Nest
Canon50D1: Danau (Danube)
Canon50D1: The Village at Night
Canon50D1: Red Church
Canon50D1: Moon on Tunzenberg Lake
Canon50D1: Stars
Canon50D1: Rainbow and Hole in the Clouds
Canon50D1: Cold, Night Fog
Canon50D1: Snow, Night, Cold, Fog
Canon50D1: Field & Forest
Canon50D1: Catheral of White
Canon50D1: Treeline in the Snow
Canon50D1: Cold Sunday Ride
Canon50D1: The Horses Thank You
Canon50D1: Picnic Canceled
Canon50D1: Over the River and Through the Woods
Canon50D1: Sideway Snow
Canon50D1: Throw Another Log On
Canon50D1: Tree with Village Backdrop
Canon50D1: UFO or BMW (B)
Canon50D1: Church in Autumn