builder24car: I wish I could
builder24car: I think
builder24car: CSX 3018
builder24car: I have always said
builder24car: National Train Day 2024
builder24car: Hello Mr. Deer
builder24car: Sleepy time
builder24car: One is not like the others
builder24car: Same rainbow
builder24car: The dynamic duo
builder24car: I can already tell
builder24car: Six days ago
builder24car: I was going home
builder24car: CSX 491
builder24car: Coming home
builder24car: I didn't realize it
builder24car: There is so much
builder24car: Never in my wildest dreams
builder24car: CSX 868
builder24car: A nice change of pace
builder24car: My first visit
builder24car: Is it too much to ask
builder24car: It's a lot of hard work
builder24car: Beauty among the destruction
builder24car: It looks like
builder24car: The Raleigh and Fayetteville Railroad
builder24car: I love seeing
builder24car: So far, so good
builder24car: This is the house next