builder24car: I always love
builder24car: What I think
builder24car: NS 7630
builder24car: I love the old dome cars
builder24car: Annabelle
builder24car: A panorama of the moon and a sunrise
builder24car: I finally caved
builder24car: It is a lot more fun
builder24car: I loved this
builder24car: Apparently she hasn't figured out
builder24car: This is one of those places
builder24car: It's always nice
builder24car: Not a shot I had planned on
builder24car: She had the nerve
builder24car: She always has to sit up front!
builder24car: I told her to shake
builder24car: It's a dog's life
builder24car: Another drive by
builder24car: Some mighty good ice cream
builder24car: I found a little time
builder24car: There are two things
builder24car: Wishful thinking
builder24car: When he called the signal
builder24car: The best way
builder24car: I never get tired
builder24car: CSX 5347
builder24car: Annabelle
builder24car: Annabelle
builder24car: Sunset