builder24car: This was my first time
builder24car: One of two
builder24car: Two of two
builder24car: Sometimes
builder24car: It's hard to believe
builder24car: A perfect example
builder24car: Those ladies
builder24car: I had all but given up
builder24car: A rare moment
builder24car: Killing time
builder24car: Globe Dept Store
builder24car: Doing what she does best
builder24car: I have been trying
builder24car: A nice bonus
builder24car: New rail
builder24car: One of those shots
builder24car: A photo op
builder24car: A good habit to have
builder24car: Most people probably walking by
builder24car: The best kind of sunrise
builder24car: Norfolk Southern train 119
builder24car: I figured
builder24car: This was one of those days
builder24car: Amtrak P080
builder24car: A Christmas Eve sunset
builder24car: Norfolk Southern weeds
builder24car: CSX 115
builder24car: It always makes me happy
builder24car: A nice sunset
builder24car: It would appear