brown_theo: ohio stadium
brown_theo: traffic signal ahead
brown_theo: pipes
brown_theo: diner
brown_theo: halftime
brown_theo: empty arena
brown_theo: hazy morning
brown_theo: bait shop
brown_theo: video board
brown_theo: across the field
brown_theo: concourse
brown_theo: lobby
brown_theo: Fisher-Price parking ramp & service center
brown_theo: classic McArt
brown_theo: knowlton school of architecture
brown_theo: one nationwide plaza
brown_theo: high and main
brown_theo: 5th and Broad
brown_theo: fire extinguisher 🔥
brown_theo: lunch meat
brown_theo: end of practice
brown_theo: mcillumination
brown_theo: looking up
brown_theo: high street - short north
brown_theo: st. john arena
brown_theo: leveque tower
brown_theo: ohio stadium
brown_theo: capital motel
brown_theo: giant slide