brown_theo: lincoln and morrill towers
brown_theo: airport used tires
brown_theo: thompson library
brown_theo: stack and stands
brown_theo: schottenstein center
brown_theo: overpass
brown_theo: scoreboard and stadium
brown_theo: st. john arena
brown_theo: dirty window
brown_theo: pipe and window
brown_theo: gigantic jesse
brown_theo: cold, rainy day
brown_theo: wrestling shoes
brown_theo: seat angles
brown_theo: lights and tower
brown_theo: christmas past
brown_theo: standpipe
brown_theo: scream extractor
brown_theo: masses of glasses
brown_theo: administration offices
brown_theo: lane avenue bridge and schottenstein center
brown_theo: field, homes and trees
brown_theo: tractor
brown_theo: ohio stadium
brown_theo: thermostat
brown_theo: december field
brown_theo: lake of four seasons
brown_theo: crossing
brown_theo: slice of campus