brooklandsspeedway: The Macungie Christmas Tree
brooklandsspeedway: Macungie's gardens along the train tracks
brooklandsspeedway: The tree is lit, a Hallmark Movies moment
brooklandsspeedway: And the band played on
brooklandsspeedway: Caty prepares to play along with the Eyer Band
brooklandsspeedway: The Eyer Middle School Band
brooklandsspeedway: Of course, a train rumbled by the Macungie Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
brooklandsspeedway: Christmas Pickup
brooklandsspeedway: There is a lot of activity in the Hobby Shed
brooklandsspeedway: Looking into the shop
brooklandsspeedway: Activity at the store's slot car track
brooklandsspeedway: The shop features slot cars and toys according to the sign
brooklandsspeedway: The Hobby Shed has opened in Cherringtown
brooklandsspeedway: White tail deer
brooklandsspeedway: Breakers in the normally calm lake, at the boat ramp
brooklandsspeedway: Weeding Tom's beds...
brooklandsspeedway: Street walker
brooklandsspeedway: A hawk atop the pole
brooklandsspeedway: Choppy lake
brooklandsspeedway: Part of the welcoming committee
brooklandsspeedway: Watching me unload the car
brooklandsspeedway: When we arrived this week, five deer greeted us in the driveway
brooklandsspeedway: 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
brooklandsspeedway: Later Ford Thunderbirds
brooklandsspeedway: Now showing at America On Wheels Museum in Allentown PA.
brooklandsspeedway: A nearly matched pair
brooklandsspeedway: Thunderbird Taillights
brooklandsspeedway: Looking over a 1960 Convertible Interior
brooklandsspeedway: 1961 "Bullet Bird"