brooklandsspeedway: The corn field will be on the tan strip to the right of the barn
brooklandsspeedway: Tassels have been added to some corn stalks
brooklandsspeedway: Making HO scale corn
brooklandsspeedway: Culzean Castle, Scotland
brooklandsspeedway: St. Andrews Clubhouse Over 1st Tee, Scotland
brooklandsspeedway: On the Miner's Walk, Betws-Y-Coed, Wales
brooklandsspeedway: Sharing the milkweed
brooklandsspeedway: A Monarch and a bee
brooklandsspeedway: Wings spread
brooklandsspeedway: We love the newly installed windows on the screen porch
brooklandsspeedway: The wooden Tromsø Cathedral was completed in 1861
brooklandsspeedway: Tromsdalen Church or the Arctic Cathedral
brooklandsspeedway: York Minster
brooklandsspeedway: English Garden in Michigan
brooklandsspeedway: On the path
brooklandsspeedway: Re-enactors at Quiet Valley Farm
brooklandsspeedway: In Greenfield Village
brooklandsspeedway: On the sidewalk this the the start of the plague of 2020?
brooklandsspeedway: Farmer Bike
brooklandsspeedway: Valley Forge Thistle
brooklandsspeedway: Mack Trucks, 2016 Truck Show, Macungie, PA
brooklandsspeedway: Waiting...
brooklandsspeedway: Drake's Oil Well Museum
brooklandsspeedway: Mt Ebeneezer Road House
brooklandsspeedway: National Industrial Museum
brooklandsspeedway: Machinery can be beautiful
brooklandsspeedway: Morning Sunrise
brooklandsspeedway: Natural flower pot...