brookeipse: A retreat in the Perelman Building of The Philadelphia Art Museum
brookeipse: a summer favorite - hydrangea
brookeipse: emotion at Penn's Landing
brookeipse: With Love, Philadelphia - HBM!
brookeipse: Stroll (Stickmen) - Penn's Landing
brookeipse: St Peter's Church in Philadelphia - 3rd & Pine Streets
brookeipse: Saturday for Stairs
brookeipse: Another side - Happy Fence Friday
brookeipse: Steam generation plant in South Philadelphia
brookeipse: Philadelphia Skyscrapers
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday! (explored)
brookeipse: It was quite a night!
brookeipse: Action in the heat!
brookeipse: The 4th of July
brookeipse: bursting through air
brookeipse: Happy July 4th!
brookeipse: romancing the bee
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday! All in a Row
brookeipse: windowsill orchid
brookeipse: Sorrow - The Burghers of Calais
brookeipse: Happy Fence Friday!
brookeipse: A day of fun in the Swann Memorial Fountain
brookeipse: The Umbrella Man (an old photo taken in 2011)
brookeipse: summer blooms
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday
brookeipse: Sunshine & Flowers - a perfect combination
brookeipse: Here's lookin at you kid!
brookeipse: Bus Stop
brookeipse: Swann Memorial Fountain & City Hall
brookeipse: Barnes on the Parkway in Philadelphia