brookeipse: It's not a blue Monday!
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday - Little flower girl
brookeipse: Follow the leader - Segway tourists
brookeipse: Centre Square, 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia
brookeipse: Just the Two of Us
brookeipse: stand out in the crowd
brookeipse: late bloomer
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday
brookeipse: Eakins Oval still blooming in October
brookeipse: The very regal Monarch Butterfly
brookeipse: Happy Fence Friday
brookeipse: Autumn color in Philadelphia
brookeipse: Perfect Day!
brookeipse: By the sea - Happy Bench Monday1
brookeipse: A hint of autumn
brookeipse: Another beach day in Cape May
brookeipse: Summer Ending
brookeipse: Happy Bench Monday!
brookeipse: Victorian
brookeipse: Cape May Point
brookeipse: Summer Ends - Enjoy Your Stay
brookeipse: Magic Gardens - In a Dream
brookeipse: The Reflecting Pool at The Barnes Foundaion and The Free Library of Philadelphia
brookeipse: HFF! - Hatfield House
brookeipse: In A Dream
brookeipse: Still blooming in Franklin Square
brookeipse: Under the Pier
brookeipse: Barnes Foundation Reflecting Pool
brookeipse: dance with me