@petra: A tribute to Ilse Batten
@petra: little details
@petra: black and white, sometimes...
@petra: Fuchsia or Purple
@petra: Summer delight
@petra: ...in the light
@petra: secrets in the garden
@petra: Today...
@petra: little garden scene
@petra: Time in my Secret Garden
@petra: the simple charm of daisies
@petra: one of those moments in time...
@petra: back to the green
@petra: Good Morning!
@petra: Sunday in an English garden...
@petra: Once, in Brighton
@petra: of simple things that I love
@petra: the bud and the painting
@petra: the name of the rose
@petra: lost in leaves...
@petra: Out there, somewhere
@petra: poppy
@petra: the detail...
@petra: Orquídeas
@petra: ...at the window...
@petra: Orange petals...
@petra: plaisir de peindre
@petra: Blumenstrauss...
@petra: In a purple mood
@petra: Impressions