BradKellyPhoto: Deano's Pasta Shop #Somerville
BradKellyPhoto: A patch of green #videoproduction
BradKellyPhoto: Yellow beacon, Beacon Street Pizza in the snow #Somerville
BradKellyPhoto: Neon coffee
BradKellyPhoto: Tagetspace
BradKellyPhoto: Beacon Street Pizza in the snow #Somerville
BradKellyPhoto: Beacon Street Pizza doorway in the snow #Somerville
BradKellyPhoto: Weathersealed?
BradKellyPhoto: Nightshot
BradKellyPhoto: Command post
BradKellyPhoto: Assembly
BradKellyPhoto: Zeiss 21-100 zoom
BradKellyPhoto: Microphone skyline
BradKellyPhoto: the puzzling persimmons
BradKellyPhoto: cranes of sunset
BradKellyPhoto: screened skyline #Boston
BradKellyPhoto: Boston Seaport
BradKellyPhoto: New England bamboo
BradKellyPhoto: infrastructure
BradKellyPhoto: Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA
BradKellyPhoto: urban waves
BradKellyPhoto: Backyard blizzard
BradKellyPhoto: director's chair
BradKellyPhoto: Impossible Burger with bacon
BradKellyPhoto: lunch view