bpaige393: P-51-T-Nuts-BW
bpaige393: Lady Bug
bpaige393: My boy, Widget...
bpaige393: Bloom
bpaige393: Steps Rising from the Trees
bpaige393: Color for a Colorless Winter's Day
bpaige393: 901 Wall Winter 2006-07
bpaige393: Mandarin Duck has the Answer!!!
bpaige393: Vampire-Flight
bpaige393: Snuggled Ducklings under Mom’s Watch
bpaige393: Buffalo’s Gaze (EXP)
bpaige393: Blue Heron
bpaige393: F-18's Moon Flyby
bpaige393: The "901" Wall at Sunrise
bpaige393: Sunrise From Mt Scott, Oklahoma
bpaige393: Winter Freeze Berries on New Years Day
bpaige393: Post Flight F-4U Corsair in Black and White
bpaige393: Winter Freeze
bpaige393: Fun on a Sunny Cozumel Day (Pre-Covid).
bpaige393: Biplane at Sunset
bpaige393: Bobcat at OKWildlife (DPainting)
bpaige393: Feline in the Grass
bpaige393: Smoke'n Flutes
bpaige393: Pure Power, with a Slight Oil Leak
bpaige393: Abandoned Barn Oil Paint
bpaige393: Leopard Laying in Wait
bpaige393: Wood Wolf
bpaige393: The B-17 Memphis Bell
bpaige393: Nature's reclamation
bpaige393: Caught an awesome sight, but still in the tweaking stages of the shoot. (EXP)