CampBob: Icicles in the morning
CampBob: Mountain Ridge above Conundrum Creek
CampBob: Castle Creek - near upper end of the road
CampBob: Morning in the back yard
CampBob: Spring Park Reservoir
CampBob: Dec. 11
CampBob: Capitol Creek Road III
CampBob: Saint Benedict's Monastery area
CampBob: Elk Mountains
CampBob: Cold, snowy early morning
CampBob: Capitol Creek Road II
CampBob: Capitol Creek Road
CampBob: Elk Mountains
CampBob: Elk Enjoy Mid-Day Nap
CampBob: View from Watson Divide
CampBob: Maroon Creek Red Rocks
CampBob: Think Snow...
CampBob: Looking for food in winter
CampBob: Pyramid Peak
CampBob: Ashcroft Cross Country Skiing Area
CampBob: Castle Creek headwaters in Ashcroft
CampBob: Lower East Side of Castle Creek Valley
CampBob: Ashcroft area up Castle Creek
CampBob: Early Winter
CampBob: Boy meets Girl
CampBob: End of Castle Creek Valley
CampBob: Young Male Mule Deer
CampBob: Roaring Fork Valley
CampBob: Conundrum Creek
CampBob: West Sopris Creek ranch