CampColo: Elk Rut Herd below Alpine Visitor Center
CampColo: Never Summer Range
CampColo: Panorama View to South from Rock Cut
CampColo: Rocky Mountains...
CampColo: The Same Bull Elk
CampColo: Big Bull Elk
CampColo: Chipmunk
CampColo: Painting Scene across Bear Lake
CampColo: Longs Peak above Bear Lake
CampColo: Hallet's Peak above Bear Lake
CampColo: Bear Lake
CampColo: Early Morning in Moraine Park
CampColo: Elk Rut - Moraine Park at Sunrise
CampColo: Sunrise at Moraine Park
CampColo: Zoomed in on most distant area of Forest Canyon Photo
CampColo: Another elk on hillside in setting sun
CampColo: Forest Canyon
CampColo: Cow Elk in the Setting Sun
CampColo: Longs Peak - Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park
CampColo: Trail Ridge Road View
CampColo: Fall Color Begins
CampColo: Bogan Flats
CampColo: Impressive Bee Hive
CampColo: McGee Lake - Marble, Colorado
CampColo: Southeast View from top of McClure Pass
CampColo: Vertical of McClure Pass Wetlands
CampColo: Wetlands High on Southwest Side of McClure Pass
CampColo: Crystal River Wetlands near Marble, CO
CampColo: View from McClure Pass into Crystal River Valley
CampColo: Above/West of Pine Creek Cookhouse