strongcoffee16: sanderling and royal tern
strongcoffee16: eastern meadowlark
strongcoffee16: great blue herons
strongcoffee16: outrigger canoe
strongcoffee16: great blue herons
strongcoffee16: buckeye butterfly
strongcoffee16: sunlight streaming thru trees
strongcoffee16: savannah sparrow
strongcoffee16: lifeguard
strongcoffee16: river otter
strongcoffee16: misty morning tree
strongcoffee16: sedge wren
strongcoffee16: rat snake in the grass
strongcoffee16: white-eyed vireo
strongcoffee16: sandwich tern
strongcoffee16: laughing gull
strongcoffee16: juvenile laughing gull
strongcoffee16: visitors at the refuge
strongcoffee16: yellow-rumped warbler
strongcoffee16: green wall
strongcoffee16: tennis court
strongcoffee16: cliff's books
strongcoffee16: out with the old
strongcoffee16: cookie cooling tower
strongcoffee16: Christmas ⛄🎄 treats
strongcoffee16: Happy holidays!
strongcoffee16: roseate spoonbill