crush777roxx: Pre-Dawn Ocean + Boathouse (3:00 Awake 4:21 Arrive 4:42 Acquire)
littoralis: Not Christmas yet
flashfix: Happy Go Lucky
flashfix: Autumn Blend **Explored**
flashfix: Forever Watching
yoko.wannwannmaru: 蔵王の夜 Zao night
SheilaMink: from none, to one, to many
PenangCA: Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe
PenangCA: Something red along the trail
PenangCA: 2:00 pm on September 9
Jenny Pics: Colours of Autumn
Jenny Pics: Three Amigos Paddling
Jenny Pics: A Romp In The Snow
phachnguyen45: The trail in Almbachklamm gorge. Berchtesgaden. ncFr-
phachnguyen45: Berchtesgaden valley seen from Eagle nest.
phachnguyen45: Beilstein with castle Metternicht. Mossel Germany.
GMPhotos55: Breekbaar/Fragile
GMPhotos55: Decay will be there again soon
GMPhotos55: Bolivian highway
Pawel Wietecha: Can't get you off my mind
Pawel Wietecha: Go away tonight and don't come back
Brad Prudhon (Traveling, Limited Internet): It's a Strange, Strange Land Must Eat Berries Beyond the Horizon
Wolfgang Bazer: Horse Butcher's and Bus Stop
Wolfgang Bazer: ❤ too sassy for you ❤
marie-clairegallet: SATURDAY SELF CHALLENGE