B Ryder: 263/365 Shadows and light!
B Ryder: 262/365 It's a bug's life!!!
B Ryder: 261/365 So strange to see Denny's in Scotland. It used to be our first stop enroute from Orlando Airport to our hotel for our family treat to have their famous "Grand Slam!"
B Ryder: 260/365 Sunset over the Heads of Ayr.
B Ryder: 259/365 The River Ayr.
B Ryder: 258/365 What do you reckon they'd give me for a trade in???
B Ryder: 257/365 Our eldest son Paul.
B Ryder: 256/365 Wee Robin having a rest!
B Ryder: DSC05004aa
B Ryder: "All by myself!"
B Ryder: 254/365 The Japanese Bridge at Dumfries House.
B Ryder: 253/365 Think it's some kind of shield bug I think, having a wee rest on my garage door today!
B Ryder: 252/365 Wallace Tower, High St Ayr.
B Ryder: 251/365 The blue hour over the River Ayr.
B Ryder: 250/365 A fantastic night time, seafront air display to end a fun day in Ayr. A pyrotechnics display with fireworks from the aircraft gave a magnificent end to a very special sunny day.
B Ryder: 249/365 Alloway in Ayr
B Ryder: 248/365 The Turner Bridge over the River Ayr.
B Ryder: 247/365 BBC Scotland - The Nine Exhibition at Ayr's Carnegie Library. Forrest and Malcolm in Team colours!
B Ryder: 246/365 The result of heavy rain over the past few days in Ayr.
B Ryder: 245/365 A taste of the Orient!
B Ryder: 244/365 Our Grandson Quinn.
B Ryder: 243/365 A fresh walk along the prom in Ayr tonight to the pier, it was baltic - soon time for coats and gloves I reckon!!!
B Ryder: 242/365 Out for dinner tonight and this lovely girl Louise, who waited in us, allowed me to take her portrait for my project - lovely person.
B Ryder: 241/365 Carol getting ready to "go to work" after being retired for the last 3.5yrs - going to a colleague's retirement celebration. Her first words were when she got back ..... "did I really travel that road every day for 8yrs???"
B Ryder: 240/365 Ayr College on the banks of the River Ayr.
B Ryder: 239/365 Another beautiful sunset at Ayr Beach.
B Ryder: 238/365 Always something going on at Girvan Harbour.
B Ryder: 237/365 Seascape at Prestwick.
B Ryder: 236/365 The race is on - Erika, Carol and Lucy having fun on a beautiful evening in Ayr
B Ryder: 235/365 Burns Statue, Ayr