B Ryder: Insect in the garden
B Ryder: The colours of spring, Craigie Park, Ayr
B Ryder: Hoverfly in flight
B Ryder: Snow Leopard at the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorm National Park, Scotland.
B Ryder: A rare sighting of a crested tit at Boat of Garten, Cairngorm National Park, Scotland.
B Ryder: Sun going down over Loch Morlich, Cairngorm National Park in the Highlands of Scotland
B Ryder: Beautiful clouds down by a wet pier in Ayr tonight!
B Ryder: Whatever road you choose in 2020 I hope it is to happiness and good health, have fun and enjoy life!
B Ryder: 365/365 My first image of this project was a sunset at Croy Bay, the last is a sunrise at Greenan Castle. On the eve of a new year this signifies new beginnings after a year full of memories. Having had a heart attack in July the memories mean so much m
B Ryder: 364/365 Use the stairs if you dare!!!
B Ryder: 363/365 Amazing what you find underneath the lid of your blue bin, a sad wee slug hiding from the elements!!!
B Ryder: 362/365 The Auld Brig over the River Ayr, Ayr.
B Ryder: 361/365 Tam O'Shanter Inn, High Street, Ayr - established 1749.
B Ryder: 360/365 Christmas Celebrations part 2 - Craig, Kirsty and family came to see us today!
B Ryder: 359/365 Part 1 of the Christmas celebrations!
B Ryder: 358/365 Great to see a friendly and cheery wee face on Christmas Eve, oor pal Heather!
B Ryder: 357/365 The Old Brig over the River Ayr.
B Ryder: 356/365 Erika's cat Cali.
B Ryder: 355/365 The River Doon, Ayr...... 10 days to go until the end of the project!!!
B Ryder: Part of the falls into Loch Doon, Ayrshire, Scotland
B Ryder: 354/365 Nightime on Main St, Ayr.
B Ryder: 353/365 I saw a squirrel jump about 3 feet in the air only to realise it was this field mouse (I think that's what it is) was the reason it reacted that way!
B Ryder: 352/365 One of the waterfalls leading into Loch Doon.
B Ryder: 351/365 An "art style" image of swans in flight at Ayr Beach
B Ryder: 350/365 Crashing waves at sunset in Ayr.
B Ryder: 349/365 A fabulous view of the snow capped mountains of Arran
B Ryder: 348/365 Out at the Camera Club Christmas Night out and feeling a wee bit festive, hope everyone has a great Christmas and a fabulous 2020!!!
B Ryder: Outside the Central Hotel at Glasgow Central Station.
B Ryder: 347/365 Sunset over the lapping waves at Prestwick Beach
B Ryder: 346/365 Life is a breeze at Erika's age!