Reinhard.Pantke: colourful Greenland
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP5131
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1899
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1863
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1854
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1800
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1750
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1725
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1721
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1695
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1688
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP1668
Reinhard.Pantke: Contrasts!
Reinhard.Pantke: greenland summer power
Reinhard.Pantke: disko bay ...
Reinhard.Pantke: ice ..noththink but ice ....
Reinhard.Pantke: Cathedrals of nature
Reinhard.Pantke: traffikc signs (real, no photoshop)
Reinhard.Pantke: Western Greenland
Reinhard.Pantke: on tour in norway ...
Reinhard.Pantke: wounderful sunset on Gotland Island
Reinhard.Pantke: lonely house at Disko Island
Reinhard.Pantke: colours of Greenland
Reinhard.Pantke: Ice fiord in eastern Greenland
Reinhard.Pantke: Greenlands east coast ... comments are welcome :)
Reinhard.Pantke: view over disko bay
Reinhard.Pantke: Glacier (Ilulisaat): look, if you are able to spot the hikers!
Reinhard.Pantke: Dimensions ..look for the cyclist to get a feeling ;)