Reinhard.Pantke: Southern holland ..
Reinhard.Pantke: no Photoshop, just a traffic sign up in the yukon territory :)
Reinhard.Pantke: Eilean Donan Castle in Springtime ...
Reinhard.Pantke: have a great eastern time my friends :)
Reinhard.Pantke: wide, wild place
Reinhard.Pantke: Calm day in norway
Reinhard.Pantke: look at the impression of his face :)
Reinhard.Pantke: puffin with a good catch
Reinhard.Pantke: beach on lofot islands
Reinhard.Pantke: sunset on Vesteralen
Reinhard.Pantke: hi folks :)
Reinhard.Pantke: alesund in beautiful light
Reinhard.Pantke: hungry ...
Reinhard.Pantke: HUNGRY? young gannet :)
Reinhard.Pantke: riding the Rockies
Reinhard.Pantke: The three sisters - Rockies
Reinhard.Pantke: lake east of prince George
Reinhard.Pantke: the red boat - lofot islands
Reinhard.Pantke: nortern lights on Vesteralen
Reinhard.Pantke: Juni See östlich von Prince George
Reinhard.Pantke: sunset in Gaspesie ..
Reinhard.Pantke: I wish all my flickrom friends, commentators and calm watchers all the best for 2019!
Reinhard.Pantke: Rainbow country ...
Reinhard.Pantke: colours of the rockies
Reinhard.Pantke: moonlight :)
Reinhard.Pantke: Winter on Lofot Islands
Reinhard.Pantke: laketime
Reinhard.Pantke: around Canmore