Reinhard.Pantke: Restart: I will go for two months to Iceland from the 20 th on (hopefully)
Reinhard.Pantke: Downhill on the steppest road in Norway
Reinhard.Pantke: my hometown at night
Reinhard.Pantke: lofot island
Reinhard.Pantke: Night time in ma Hometown
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP9196
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP9189
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP9174
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP9173
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP9165
Reinhard.Pantke: winter on lofot islands
Reinhard.Pantke: puffin posing
Reinhard.Pantke: wasser r
Reinhard.Pantke: stream in scotland
Reinhard.Pantke: glen nevis in winter
Reinhard.Pantke: :) need a hair cut ...
Reinhard.Pantke: Trondheim
Reinhard.Pantke: spring will come, i am sure :)
Reinhard.Pantke: Icefields parkway in Kanada
Reinhard.Pantke: need a haircut? ;)
Reinhard.Pantke: Eilean Donan Castle
Reinhard.Pantke: cold winter? ;)
Reinhard.Pantke: Lofot Islands :)
Reinhard.Pantke: happy puffin :)
Reinhard.Pantke: I am with my new show about greenland in Germany
Reinhard.Pantke: happy New Year!
Reinhard.Pantke: what a view
Reinhard.Pantke: Greenland from above
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP5795
Reinhard.Pantke: IMGP5790