Bessula: I'm waiting and waiting...
Bessula: Forest collection.
Bessula: Lilly.
Bessula: autumn in the countryside
Bessula: Maurandia twins.
Bessula: Autumn Impression
Bessula: Autumn colors by the lake
Bessula: White Dahlia
Bessula: Sunny autumn day.
Bessula: Pastel shades of nature.
Bessula: Autumn is approaching.
Bessula: Pink Mallow
Bessula: Happy,posing meerkat.
Bessula: Just flowers.
Bessula: Summer day.
Bessula: In memory of my sweet Maja
Bessula: Summer day at the lake.
Bessula: Dahlia
Bessula: Summer flower.
Bessula: Aster
Bessula: Klematis.
Bessula: Swedish autumn day.
Bessula: Lilies are always beautiful.
Bessula: Spring flower.
Bessula: Free and wilde.
Bessula: Easter colors- yellow
Bessula: Lonely Swan.
Bessula: Spring flower.
Bessula: Trapped freedom.
Bessula: Abandoned old house...