kevin.boyd: On the second day of Spring
kevin.boyd: Rock art
kevin.boyd: Rock with a view
kevin.boyd: July 2017 - Eagle Eye - Reprocessed as 1:1
kevin.boyd: overgrowth
kevin.boyd: Sailboat after a rainstorm
kevin.boyd: Wine Time in Aspen
kevin.boyd: Last Meal
kevin.boyd: railroad ties
kevin.boyd: Aspen creek (at Glory Hole Park)
kevin.boyd: Baby Blue Scooter
kevin.boyd: Valentines Cherry Pie
kevin.boyd: Snow on a pinwheel
kevin.boyd: Legislature fountain
kevin.boyd: Cairn. Mossy Cairn.
kevin.boyd: New rice cooker
kevin.boyd: BC Raspberry
kevin.boyd: Quebec Maple
kevin.boyd: The Empress
kevin.boyd: Outage.
kevin.boyd: looking to 2021
kevin.boyd: a mug from smugmug
kevin.boyd: Vegetarian chili (in progress)
kevin.boyd: Peculiar growth on a rock
kevin.boyd: Puzzle pieces
kevin.boyd: Orange box
kevin.boyd: misfire
kevin.boyd: Spaghetti with mushrooms
kevin.boyd: Notepaper
kevin.boyd: Dual-wield