BertvB: Malachite Butterfly - siproeta stelenes
BertvB: just beautiful
BertvB: leave me alone
BertvB: beautiful nature
BertvB: yellow beauty
BertvB: a wood pigeon in the trees
BertvB: sunset beyond the windmills
BertvB: Freedom in the air
BertvB: a stylish flower; an anemone if I remember correctly
BertvB: a musket rat swimming in front of our holiday home (on explore)
BertvB: a landing magpie in action
BertvB: a lot of colorful tulps
BertvB: a small-white butterfly on a garlic mustard
BertvB: a rat in reflection
BertvB: the great woodpecker in the sun
BertvB: Japanese nature colors in Holland
BertvB: colored fish in all sizes
BertvB: Yellow flower beauty
BertvB: beyond the sunrise
BertvB: Phantasmal poison frog
BertvB: Flying birds
BertvB: a rat on the lookout
BertvB: a departing heron
BertvB: A sea of colors
BertvB: As it was so beautiful - Northern light
BertvB: the northern lights in the Netherlands; extremely rare, but observed this evening
BertvB: a blue fly, extremely cropped
BertvB: The red postman in front of a green background (on explore)
BertvB: Before I became a butterfly
BertvB: a proud woodlark in the dunes