Bernzo: Under the sea
Bernzo: The savanna sunsets
Bernzo: Magnificent over the Danube.
Bernzo: Please please please do not forget our past and history, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes..
Bernzo: Reflections.
Bernzo: Me and the spot light
Bernzo: The eye of the world...
Bernzo: What’s going on???
Bernzo: He was a prominent gentleman
Bernzo: Thank you 17, let’s go for the 18.
Bernzo: He seems quite happy...
Bernzo: Pray and sea...
Bernzo: I'm under water.#shotoniphone
Bernzo: Star fish
Bernzo: Within the box
Bernzo: The year mark.
Bernzo: Same view, different eyes.
Bernzo: Go for it!
Bernzo: Is Lady Liberty watching her last sunset? I don't think so. #beforeelection
Bernzo: A walk in the clouds...
Bernzo: The grass is never greener...
Bernzo: From the inside...
Bernzo: Patriotic tomatoes.
Bernzo: Cañas y barro.
Bernzo: I will never give up making wishes at beautiful sunsets. One more today.
Bernzo: Even Hλιος needs some rest.
Bernzo: Under permanent construction.
Bernzo: No matter what people say...
Bernzo: Sunset of colors
Bernzo: Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?