*Millie* On and Off!: Unusual patterns
*Millie* On and Off!: The pink crown (Explored)
*Millie* On and Off!: Tulip (Explored)
pict100: Tramotanix III
nomm de photo: The Serpent's Tongue
profmarilena: Collage82 one of my tangles
nomm de photo: Downpour
nomm de photo: Wild Fire
Rg Sanders: Oleaginous
nomm de photo: Clear Burning the Future
profmarilena: Collage87 psychedelic knots
reinhard hueter: geometric composition
pict100: Space Paradise
mariagatmariagat: Mars- Many Fantastic Colors
Sam Yaffe: Sand-Painting-1, 2019 (Explored)_DSC1627-copy-1-A-1
pict100: Squareology
Jim Harris: Artist.: Jim Harris: Capricorn.
romizaj: Fantasy sky abstract background
nomm de photo: The Chromatic Nebula
nomm de photo: Rearing Up
Bis Tio Σίμον: White and puffy
nomm de photo: Defiled
nomm de photo: Putting My Heart Into It
reinhard hueter: Skulpturen
Bamboo Barnes - Artist.Com: Where you are/Objects built by Rebeca Bashly
Pomo photos: young girl portrait, abandoned city