Behappyaveiro: Trust me, Iā€™m your doctor šŸ˜Š
Behappyaveiro: We stayed there for the sunset
Behappyaveiro: "Meeting point"
Behappyaveiro: Summertime
Behappyaveiro: Call Center šŸ“ž
Behappyaveiro: I'll be your mirror
Behappyaveiro: The rock formations
Behappyaveiro: Attention
Behappyaveiro: Summer colours
Behappyaveiro: Porto Old Town
Behappyaveiro: Cherry-red & creamy yellow
Behappyaveiro: The portrait of Cinderella's ring
Behappyaveiro: A Noiva
Behappyaveiro: Marilyn
Behappyaveiro: Poetic clown
Behappyaveiro: Giant Panda & "Good Panda" in Madrid :-)
Behappyaveiro: Showy flower
Behappyaveiro: Estoy en Madrid šŸ˜‰
Behappyaveiro: Spring is here!
Behappyaveiro: I'll leave my wool scarf too. šŸ˜Š
Behappyaveiro: Silver birch trees
Behappyaveiro: Painted mirror
Behappyaveiro: The buds of Spring
Behappyaveiro: Timeless mirrors
Behappyaveiro: Plumes at sunset
Behappyaveiro: Waiting for me
Behappyaveiro: Light pathway. Happy New Year!
Behappyaveiro: Season's Greetings!
Behappyaveiro: Twent two