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lawa: A101488_24
JmZ Florent: Mr Singh dans le Rock Garden
tapestrystudio: Yvonne Audette Tapestry
Tim Roth: Let's just say that we aren't dreaming...
thegloaming: Turkish breakfast
For91days: Sylish Coffee Istanbul
~W~: Egg shakshooka with Turkish sausage & blueberry orange juice. Breakfast 4.7.12
ShootnHooton: English Breakfast
travelinjay: perfect_turkish_breakfast
Yeliz Selvi: Breakfast of champions
Echo_29: Serinn House
Daniel Krieger Photography: My first Turkish breakfast was quite an experience. They bombard your table with cheeses, vegetables, beautiful breads (both baked and fried) and jams. Chef @ardaturkmen explained how these breakfasts sometimes last a few hours, nibbling on the small plat
yukonoshashin: Breakfast at home
Eric Lafforgue: Figs In Opal Village Market, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China
osmdyb: Hasan Pasha Han
Melissa Maples: Breakfast Bursa Cumalıkızık Köyü
Bowhaus: Breakfast 6.1.08
For91days: Turkish Breakfast
For91days: Breakfast Club Istanbul
Aysin & Davide: KAHVALTI
cafe noHut: Breakfast Table
cafe noHut: Breakfast Table