Grooover: Inspectors were sent in to investigate a hiccup at the bottling plant
Grooover: It was hard work at the Coffee Quarry. The job was made easier when it rained.
Grooover: One man and his dog
Grooover: The job of putting the holes in mini Cheddars was tedious but it put food on the table
Grooover: Correct cartridge alignment is essential for good tracking and sound quality
Grooover: There is a storm coming madam. I will need to tighten the retaining spring.
Grooover: Filling in the cracks
Grooover: Photographic evidence of the rare giant chicken of Suffolk
Grooover: Is it me or are weeds getting bigger
Grooover: Maybe i'll do Pizza tonight
Grooover: Fresh Juice
Grooover: Men and their machines
Grooover: Gathering nectar
Grooover: Scaling new heights
Grooover: Just installed one of them security cameras
Grooover: Stereo type
Grooover: Tending the herb garden
Grooover: Tweaking The Parameters