Grooover: Eiffel Tower stolen. Any info please call police
Grooover: Guess who's back from Paris
Grooover: Champs Elysees
Grooover: Avenue de la Grande and Avenue Charles De Gaulle
Grooover: Eyefull of the Eiffel Tower
Grooover: Security was tight in the Louvre. At the Mona Lisa, it felt like someone was looking at me all the time
Grooover: Jazz Musique
Grooover: The Street entertainers lunch break was spoilt when he realised he could not remove the wrapping from his sandwich
Grooover: Between performances
Grooover: Careful. The walls have ears
Grooover: Voiture Voyeur
Grooover: An angle of the Louvre
Grooover: A street scene seen
Grooover: Pompidou Piece
Grooover: Le Chat Noir
Grooover: Voiture Classique
Grooover: Fontaine de Medicis. Jardin du Luxembourg
Grooover: Loved up cool cats of Paris
Grooover: Squaring up
Grooover: The odds were stacked
Grooover: Line dancing
Grooover: Corner bracing
Grooover: Poppycock no it's Pompidou
Grooover: It's only a bargain if you actually need it
Grooover: Dark Artz
Grooover: Keeping abreast of the situation
Grooover: Any projections for the future
Grooover: An act of Van dalism
Grooover: Sunning on the Seine
Grooover: Leo and Pipo Down by the Siene