Grooover: Betty was not amused with the rain on her parade
Grooover: Rising to the occasion
Grooover: The state of the union
Grooover: Flapjack
Grooover: The retirement home for Thespiens
Grooover: Jack up the brightness
Grooover: Hope and Glory
Grooover: Jubilicious Jubilympics
Grooover: Is it me or are mobile phones getting bigger
Grooover: City swingers
Grooover: The perfect day out. Stand in a crowd of thousands who are all taller than you, in the rain.
Grooover: The traditional offering of the Nikon
Grooover: People packed the streets hopeful to see a glimpse of the Sun
Grooover: Luckily someone had GPS on their ipad
Grooover: "Yeah maybe the handicam would have been better suited but if i need your advice i'll ask for it ok"
Grooover: Just checking my inbox
Grooover: Down Periscope
Grooover: Double Vision
Grooover: There was a Queen B in the bushes
Grooover: "You mean to tell me we dressed like this and no one is taking a blind bit of notice"
Grooover: You have to be 'well in' to get a spot like that
Grooover: " oi Churchill, can you really save me money on my car insurance"
Grooover: When your older you will appreciate the saying "it was good just to soak up the atmosphere" without actually seeing the event
Grooover: Somewhere over the rainbow
Grooover: The Jubilee left a lasting impression
Grooover: Jubilant scenes outside Westminster
Grooover: No way street
Grooover: No room at the inn
Grooover: That was brave shooting
Grooover: Shades Of England