Grooover: No photography while i'm eating shrooms please
Grooover: Got a bad case of stitch out on my bike today
Grooover: It was the Oxford Don in the Courtyard with the lead piping. Cluedo
Grooover: Never one to let the dust settle
Grooover: White Noise
Grooover: wow man, these drugs are making the buildings look sleepy. I need to keep off this stuff
Grooover: I'm sorry but my hands are tied on this one
Grooover: Skull duggery
Grooover: A passion for pink
Grooover: A jolly spiffing night out in Oxford
Grooover: Life on the streets
Grooover: Tiling Styling
Grooover: Facing the street
Grooover: Grotesque Oxford
Grooover: Ye olde information highway
Grooover: Of course in my day the exams were not so easy
Grooover: My heart belongs to Sarah
Grooover: Barbers Adagio
Grooover: The facial hair thing was getting a bit much
Grooover: The Grotesque didn't like being the centre of attention
Grooover: Translates as "Students face astronomic entrance fee" i think
Grooover: Standing in the shadows of giants
Grooover: oh sigh, i may for i hath missed this day
Grooover: Step into the shade
Grooover: Towering Oxford
Grooover: Brain Drain
Grooover: Puntoon Bridge
Grooover: Oxford Outlook
Grooover: Botanical Blurs
Grooover: Catching the tube in Oxford