Grooover: Portmeirion pieces
Grooover: A Barmouth Beauty
Grooover: Letting off steam in Snowdonia
Grooover: Repainting the backdrop to Mount Snowdon
Grooover: Ceunant Mawr waterfall Snowdonia
Grooover: Money does grow on trees
Grooover: Come see the photograps by local photograppers
Grooover: How's this pose. I think it makes me look more domineering
Grooover: Cregennan Lakes
Grooover: Fine darling. You wander off and i'll sit and read the paper
Grooover: A birds eye view
Grooover: Steaming into Barmouth
Grooover: The "Leapfrog The World" Attempt had reached Wales
Grooover: Portmeirion Pottery
Grooover: Little Jem thought it was about time he had a good manicure
Grooover: Portmeirion Passages
Grooover: Heading downtown
Grooover: looking out from Portmeirion
Grooover: Share the love
Grooover: The bottle in the Boathouse
Grooover: Little Jem was pleased to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon. The long climb up was now just a blur
Grooover: The Boathouse Door
Grooover: The push to the summit
Grooover: Last stretch girls. Clear this area of Green and we are done
Grooover: A highpoint of my trip
Grooover: Is there anyone out there ?
Grooover: Say it with flowers
Grooover: Cregennan lakes view
Grooover: Wet and Dry
Grooover: Sand Shifter