Grooover: Another black mark on a tarnished reputation
Grooover: Promoting Vandalism
Grooover: Pull down the shades
Grooover: Boxed in a corner
Grooover: Cubic Corners
Grooover: Just passing through
Grooover: Boy Racer
Grooover: The caterpiller enjoyed the spring sun
Grooover: Steel Peel
Grooover: Constricted
Grooover: Raising the bar to new heights
Grooover: The Circle Line
Grooover: Diamond Setting
Grooover: Opening The Blinds
Grooover: Dropping you right in IT
Grooover: Slow Corrode
Grooover: Plating up
Grooover: The bulbs are up. Must be Springtime
Grooover: On arrival at work
Grooover: Golden Shower
Grooover: Tonal Blinds
Grooover: "Oi" (said the man loudly) "I told you no fotas, r u def or summink" (exit embarrassingly)
Grooover: A Badly Lit Junction
Grooover: That Glazed Look
Grooover: Escapology
Grooover: It's all admin these days
Grooover: A Warm Welcome
Grooover: Banded About A Bit
Grooover: The Summer Months Just Fly By