Grooover: The Market Traders Back Yard
Grooover: A Night On The Tiles
Grooover: The Dark Decorator
Grooover: The Seasons Rotate Again
Grooover: The Golden Arches Were Dwarfed By The Resplendent Columns
Grooover: Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days
Grooover: Big Sausage. Do your wurst
Grooover: Standing Out In A Crowd
Grooover: Brewing Up Trouble
Grooover: Sacred Sanctuary
Grooover: Pointing To God
Grooover: Pushing My Buttons
Grooover: Style Clash
Grooover: Black Crow
Grooover: Bury St Edmunds - Cathedral
Grooover: Dare To Enter
Grooover: Frosty Looks
Grooover: Seasonal Cycle
Grooover: Green Man
Grooover: Passing of Time
Grooover: Sculptured By Time
Grooover: Aware of my Presence
Grooover: Older folk seem to loose their sense of direction with age and gather in a sea of pastel :-))
Grooover: Fairground Attraction
Grooover: Crystalised Christmas
Grooover: Spotlights
Grooover: Dark Art and Subliminal Advertising
Grooover: Looking Sheepish Around The Rug Stall
Grooover: Wickr
Grooover: Fixated On Fudge