Grooover: "It's only fair that the ladies should jump off the cliff first. Then we will follow"."You ok with that Bob"."yep"
Grooover: "I know they say that getting some sea air puts the colour back in your cheeks but this is ridiculous. We have soaked up the whole beach love""yep"
Grooover: Cheap Thrills - 2 for a pound
Grooover: Reeling In His Thoughts
Grooover: A Snap Happy Chappy
Grooover: Abandoned And Alone She Fell Apart
Grooover: Baling Out
Grooover: Down On The Allotment
Grooover: Please Help Me. We Are Being Experimented On
Grooover: Connect 4
Grooover: "These New Bino's Are Great Love" "Good"
Grooover: Darkness Fell Across The Land
Grooover: The Framers On The Beach
Grooover: Hanging On For Good Weather
Grooover: Summer Is Around Here Somewhere
Grooover: Where There's A Will There's A Way
Grooover: Drained Of Colour
Grooover: Sweet Selection
Grooover: Selected For Guard Duty
Grooover: Tower Bridge Paparazzi
Grooover: The Tower Of London And A Gherkin
Grooover: The Haves And The Have Nots
Grooover: Meteorite
Grooover: Dodging The Colour
Grooover: Robot Holiday Snaps- A Trip To The Beach
Grooover: Mini Selection
Grooover: Atmos Sphere
Grooover: Come And Have A Go If You Think Your Hard Enough
Grooover: Eastern Daily Press
Grooover: Facing Your Demons