the-photon-trap: 300307 clouds from the moon
the-photon-trap: black dog
the-photon-trap: 220307 floating, glowing
the-photon-trap: 250307 home
the-photon-trap: 230307 the sheep await
the-photon-trap: this little piggy....
the-photon-trap: frog ballet
the-photon-trap: surface tension
the-photon-trap: 210307 still horses
the-photon-trap: 160307 in the gallery
the-photon-trap: 010407 circling shadow feet
the-photon-trap: 230407 the four horses
the-photon-trap: 250407 the haunted wood
the-photon-trap: 300407 a magic horse, of course
the-photon-trap: 190507 drops on the line
the-photon-trap: 220507 headlight moonlight starlight
the-photon-trap: 020507 botanical sky
the-photon-trap: 230507 staying and going
the-photon-trap: 310507 conversations between trees
the-photon-trap: tatong lightning
the-photon-trap: branching out
the-photon-trap: 270107 from my window I see..
the-photon-trap: 170607 cradled in cloud
the-photon-trap: 250607 bottled light
the-photon-trap: botanical uplight
the-photon-trap: 070707 blue heat
the-photon-trap: touchdown
the-photon-trap: 180407 lack of vision