the-photon-trap: 200307 tracks from the clouds
the-photon-trap: crux australis
the-photon-trap: 260707 the coming storm
the-photon-trap: 280707 on the road again
the-photon-trap: 010807 passing in the night
the-photon-trap: 070807 singular shape
the-photon-trap: 190207 stary, stary night
the-photon-trap: 100807 out of the darkness
the-photon-trap: 240607 beneath the moon
the-photon-trap: 200807 warmth for a cold dawn
the-photon-trap: knobly
the-photon-trap: 110907 sun & rain
the-photon-trap: 130907 sunrise
the-photon-trap: 030907 sunset horses 2
the-photon-trap: 180907 death of a tree
the-photon-trap: ladies bath falls
the-photon-trap: 110607 distant rain
the-photon-trap: 171007 mist
the-photon-trap: side light
the-photon-trap: 141107 the bridge
the-photon-trap: against the light
the-photon-trap: 061207 skyline
the-photon-trap: 111207 caught
the-photon-trap: 281207 midnight boil
the-photon-trap: 311207 time passes
the-photon-trap: 081007 southern cross log
the-photon-trap: rock art
the-photon-trap: lunar halo
the-photon-trap: 190907 cut grass