Chris Willis 10: Concentrating
madswisscow: Downpour over midtown
MTSOfan: Keep Cool
smitten kitchen: corn salad with chile and lime
annapolis_rose: North 40 Land Reserve
Judi FitzPatrick Studio: Hopeful . #sky #clouds #dusk #evening #prayingformonsoon #bringontherain #tucson #arizona #igerstucson . #blogme #flickrme
mcleishdick: 2019 June Capitola CA - The Beach
jecate: chamomile
zenmasterlauren: IMG_0541
beingjoey: the tune she hums..
beingjoey: ** for my soul..**
beingjoey: "you found me"
beingjoey: "she moves in her own way.."
beingjoey: HAPPY FDT!!!!
beingjoey: "i would die for you.." by nana
beingjoey: "culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart.." ~ Gandhi
beingjoey: sending stillness to my east coast peeps....
beingjoey: Madelyn and Mimi..
beingjoey: "Beware of trying to accomplish anything by force" sister angela merici
beingjoey: Monument Valley -Utah.
beingjoey: Angels Peak Scenic Area. New Mexico
LauraSorrells: at Sorrells Springs
flashfix: Yellow & Green
flashfix: Fort Kitten
madswisscow: Coney Island, early morning (2)
beingjoey: Driving to Taos was like driving through a painting.. Taos to New Mexico.
edenmatt: Venice 2018
campviola: palouse-9325